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Want to use a an open source product?

by on Jan.12, 2016, under Coding, Tech Support, Technology

Wappalyzer makes it easy to identify the market use of the products you want to use.

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Run a Java Application as a Service on Linux

by on Jul.23, 2015, under Coding, Tech Support, Technology

For some strange reason getting JSVC to work on Linux is a nightmare. Luckily I came across this gem on StackOverflow

Run a Java Application as service

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qcap.dll is part of DirectShow

by on Jun.10, 2015, under Gaming, Tech Support

There. I saved you 10 minutes of searching through hijacked Google results.

Missing? Re-install DirectX
Designed not to run?  Check to see if you’re cross referencing the 64-bit dll with a 32 bit DirectX applicaction.
Need the 32 bit version? Install DirectX 9.0c


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“Dibs” is not a very smart concept.

by on Feb.19, 2015, under Life

During the winter months many Chicagoans like to practice the reserving of their parking spot using a method called dibs.  Dibs is the reserving of a parking spot by using an inanimate object like a chair or stool to prevent other vehicles from parking in that space.

If someone parks in your spot there is a high possibility they had to dig out theirs.  If they’re not from your neighborhood then most likely they are only there temporarily. Spending energy to wreck someone’s car can be spent on digging out another spot. Nevertheless, if it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside it would take less effort to find a spot to park than when you first dug out.

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Preventative maintenance for your digital presence

by on Oct.07, 2014, under Hacking, Technology

In the 1980s you could easily give an excuse of not know how to program a VCR unlike today where not knowing how to use your mobile phone can be costly. Celebrities are more than willing to spend money on lawyers than to address the problem before the scandal erupts. Just like how you cannot hope that people will not try to steal your identity, you cannot hope that people will not distribute sexual content of yourself. To prevent yourself from getting fatally ill you visit the doctor for periodic checkups. To prevent yourself from getting in an accident you pay a mechanic to perform routine maintenance. So why not invest money in protecting your digital self?

Do yourself a favor and hire an IT Consultant to assist with your lack of knowledge on digital security. Protect your data! The cost of IT personnel is far less than dealing with the fallout of exposure on the internet. Also, there are laws that are for acts committed against you that come with very stiff penalties. No one condones the crimes committed against you yet don’t let your ignorance become your downfall.

If you’re not a celebrity that can easily afford hiring personnel, get educated!

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Audio Content matching and removal

by on Sep.23, 2014, under Coding, Hacking, Technology

It’s that easy right? Well the company Audible Magic already has a patent for audio matching media within video content. They also seem to be an industry leader in providing content ID matching. However, therein lies a problem with being the sole owner to a technology: the offenders have very little options when they offend. Of course when content is matched on Youtube you have the option to remove the audio automatically. Yet why couldn’t this be done automatically? Is it because they don’t want to waste processing power attempting to check the video before uploading? I highly doubt it. Yet with this I see an opportunity to build an application that would be available to everyone so they can do some preemptive checking of illegal use of content.

Or maybe I’m wasting my time thinking anything would need to be built. I’ll have to contemplate more on this later.

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The PS4’s game selling power

by on Sep.03, 2014, under Gaming, News and Analysis

A game that is available on every platform (excluding WiiU; including PC) has managed to sell 200k units in its first week of release. Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 for the WiiU only managed a little more than half of those numbers in its first week with an exclusive title that has no other games to compete with.

If you’re wondering why third parties hate making a game on the WiiU always keep this in mind.


Source: VGChartz

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Idea time! #1

by on Jul.18, 2014, under Projects

Gather around folks it’s time for idea time! All the current ideas I have in my head or working on that haven’t been put to paper or at least blogged about on this site:

  1. Costume themed PC Cafe – Hopefully you would be able to hold eSporting events there as well as provide a unique cafe experience that will also cater towards gluten-free and vegan individuals. This is just a stepping stone to another project that has a lot of barriers. (Amusement licensing barriers)
  2. Starting my own eSports team / network. I already have the team name and site ready to go. I also have a show I wanted to create that will be a feature of the site.
  3. Developing a strategy gaming engine that will provide features similar to Final Fantasy tactics.

I will elaborate on all these ideas in different posts.

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I have some ideas I would love to share

by on Feb.07, 2014, under Ideas

I have some ideas that I am willing to share so expect to seem them posted soon.

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Nintendo fails to convert the casual audience from the Wii to the Wii U

by on Oct.31, 2013, under Gaming, News and Analysis

Skylanders Swap Force on Wii outsells Wii U version by large margin for week of October 19th.

Wii 184,094 (5th)
Xbox360 127,084
PS3 96,654
Wii U 31,815 (19th)

WiiU version doesn’t make the Top 10 and is beat out by Just Dance 2014 55,824 FOR THE WII (14th)

Source: VGCharts

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