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Laundromat elites on 79th street

Today I overheard a woman talk about her trip to a local laundromat that turned out to be one of the most biggest mistakes she has ever made.

She attempted to wash her clothes: a simple concept. To wash her bright colored clothes she had to pay $5.50 for one load compared to $5.25 for the smaller washer. She set the washer on hot water and left the washer to attend to another task. When she checked on her load she discovered that the machine had switched from hot water to warm water. Thinking it was just a mistake she pressed the hot water button again to have the machine dispense hot water yet to only find out the machine reverted to using warm water.

Frustrated with the machine she asked the attendant about why the machine refused her request of hot water. The attendant impolitely informed her that she had to add an additional twenty-five cents to use hot water. He also informed her of the hard-to-find sign that is posted on the side of the machine that informs the user of the need to deposit an additional twenty-five cents to operate the washer.

A laundromat on the south side of Chicago that requires $5.50 is ridiculous. A business cannot expect to thrive when it doesn’t attempt to cater to a customer.

2 thoughts on “Laundromat elites on 79th street

  1. I pay $1.75 to wash and $1.50 to dry in my building. I’m guessing it’s around the same at laundromats around my home. But I’m on the Northside. Everything is automatically better. 😛

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