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Another funny laundry mat story

There’s this laundry mat on 47th and Lake Park (in Chicago) that is open 24 hours which I go to quite often.

Unfortunately, I do not visit this laundry mat to wash my laundry. I visit it because it is the only place that is open after business hours that has quarters. However, if this place had cheaper washer and dryers, like free drying on the North Side, I would bother to bring in my laundry in the low security area.

I recently discovered that “Management” has posted a sign stating “You’re not supposed to come in and get change unless you are planning on using the machines within the facility.”

Whoa whoa whoa.

There must be a huge expense in changing those dollars to quarters to even post that as a suggestion!

They’re trying to put a band-aid on internal bleeding; Management is missing the broader picture.

Problem 1:  The currency exchange is only open during normal business hours and is closed on Sunday. Yet, the laundry mat is open 24 hours and has many customers on Sunday.

Problem 2: Most of the surrounding tenant buildings have washing machines and dryers where it is cheaper to do your laundry rather than at the laundry mat that has quarters

Problem 3: None of the tenant based laundry rooms have a change machine.

Problem 4: Walgreen’s does not have enough quarters to give out $5 worth of quarters. (It is open longer than the Currency Exchange)

Problem 5: There’s only one staff member to enforce the rule.

Good luck enforcing that policy!

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