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Southern California

My trip to Southern California gave me an epiphany: we are paying too much for everything in Chicago.

  • The price of a wide screen 45″ (and higher) TV in California is equivalent to the cost of a 21-25″ in Chicago.
  • The cost of a damn good burger in California is $5.25 at In-N-Out where in Chicago the only good burgers come from restaurants that cost $6.50 to $10.50
  • There are several fast food franchises in Southern California where in Chicago there are only 4 major ones that are NOT Mcdonald’s.
  • Pizza tastes great at 8,000 feet and it is cheap!
  • WalMart’s aplenty. Near Chicago they are rare.
  • Fry’s aplenty and the prices are even cheaper than Walmart

I was going to do a long post about Southern California yet my only complaint was the ridiculous prices.

1 thought on “Southern California

  1. I glad there aren’t that many Walmarts in and around Chicago. I only shopped at Walmart in Florida because that was one of 2 places I could go for groceries and Publix is too expensive. I like Target and Kmart better than Walmart.

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