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I swear this is the worst feature any phone company could have offered to residential customers.

Never dial any number someone tells you to dial that starts with *72.

*72 is the code to call foward your incoming calls to another destination. Therefore, you would not be able to pick up any incoming calls after the first ring and will be charged a hefty fee for each call and each minute on that call.

Why would someone ask you to do this?

  1. They’re in prison trying to use the system to reach someone on the outside
  2. They’re a scammer (see #1)
  3. It’s a very old scam that is almost as effective as the ILOVEYOU virus
AT&T is the real criminal of the *72 system. It can be done by anyone in your household without any authorization to allow fowarding on your phone line. 
What can be done?
  1. Legislation should be passed that would force telephone companies to have authorization protocols in place when making changes to the line that would incure charges
  2. Force AT&T to have authorization in place to even use *72
  3. Remove call fowarding from your phone plan.
  4. Warn the prison system involved, where the phone calls are coming from, and tell them that someone is calling your line
  5. Block all calls from prison unless you know someone that is in prison.

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