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Video Game ideas – No Hockey League

No Hockey league:

1. Simple 3on3 hockey + goalies.
2. Offensive strategies: pass, deke, shoot
3. Defensive strategies: check, steal, block

Special player attributes:
1. Defender: Great on blocking the first pass but after several ricochets he’ll break down
2. Experienced: May make a few mistakes here and there. But if you’re ahead he’ll shut down the game
3. Rookie: No telling what you’ll get.

1. Offensive: Be the first to setup the initial shot on goal. Struggles on defense
2. Defensive: Strong at passing and stealing, terrible on finesse
3. Skilled: The go to guy for scoring

Captain: The master of setting up plays. Gets into key positions automatically
Brute: Master of checking
Balanced: The guy who fills in where needed.

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