School of hard coding

Preventative maintenance for your digital presence

In the 1980s you could easily give an excuse of not know how to program a VCR unlike today where not knowing how to use your mobile phone can be costly. Celebrities are more than willing to spend money on lawyers than to address the problem before the scandal erupts. Just like how you cannot hope that people will not try to steal your identity, you cannot hope that people will not distribute sexual content of yourself. To prevent yourself from getting fatally ill you visit the doctor for periodic checkups. To prevent yourself from getting in an accident you pay a mechanic to perform routine maintenance. So why not invest money in protecting your digital self?

Do yourself a favor and hire an IT Consultant to assist with your lack of knowledge on digital security. Protect your data! The cost of IT personnel is far less than dealing with the fallout of exposure on the internet. Also, there are laws that are for acts committed against you that come with very stiff penalties. No one condones the crimes committed against you yet don’t let your ignorance become your downfall.

If you’re not a celebrity that can easily afford hiring personnel, get educated!

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