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Movie Review: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

Experienced: Netflix on PC. Alone
What was I anticipating: Continuation of the story and controversy around the Green Destiny sword.
What I got: A series shoe-horned into a movie.


  1. Action packed: The fight choreography was great and there were more than enough fights to keep your attention.
  2. Two well-known stars make an appearance in a leading role: Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh returns as Yu Shu Lien
  3. Natasha Liu Bordizzo
  4. Ragtag group of delinquents coming together to serve a higher call. It was a premise I was not expecting from a story that introduced so few characters.
  5. The plot twist


  1. This movie wasn’t meant to be a movie: Come on Netflix. You’ll gladly give up money for entire season of Fuller House but flake out on turning CTHD into series which could round out the exclusive series content available on Netflix.
  2. Too many characters; not enough time. SPOILER–> They die before you even get a chance to connect with them.
  3. A ragtag group of delinquents: It’s an overused trope.
  4. All the artistic value is gone: The large landscapes are digitally rendered, there’s little feeling in the development of some of the cinematography,  and the director doesn’t take any risks.
  5. The movie seems to be watered down for the general audience. Excuse me, CTHD did well on its own. It didn’t need to conform to the audience’s inability to pay attention.
  6. A majority of the movie takes place in one location.  Just when you think they would at least do some kind of exploring, considering the sword is highly sought after, we’re just stuck in Sir Te’s palace.
  7. Silent Wolf is a bitch.
  8. SPOILER–> Snow vase doesn’t die: Here we have the perfect setup for a man coming of age when learning about his mother’s past and fighting for her vengeance and then having his love interest die. I was hoping he would take up guard in Yu Shu Lien’s crew and thus dedicating his life to protecting the sword on its way to Wudan. But NOoooo. Everyone is smiling and happy in the following scene and the most interesting characters that would have been introduced in the movie get a memorable mention in Yu Shen Lien’s internal monologue. WE BARELY KNOW THOSE GUYS.
  9. It was obvious the producers wanted an action packed martial arts film but chose to ignore the premise set forth by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a foreign  film with strong story and plot development look elsewhere. If you like martial arts you may enjoy this film.

Rating: 6.5/10 – Give it a shot.

Note to the producers: Please take advice from your own film:predictable

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