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There’s something fishy about the OLO – 3D Printer

The latest announcement by several news outlets has swooned many consumers into backing the project at an easily affordable $99.  The OLO allows you to print 3D models using your smart phone with a turn around time of about 3 hours. The site features a time lapse video of how the product works yet doesn’t provide a full demonstration of what it’s like to print a product. Unfortunately, there are some minor things to note which make me not trust this product or company.

The creators claimed it “made its debut in New York in October 2015, when it won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award”. However, the World Makers Faire was held at the end of September AND their product or company cannot be found amongst the list of Blue Ribbon winners.

I’m not claiming that this product is a farce or a scam. I’m just broadcasting my concerns. If you want to commit to their Kickstarter it is your free will to do so.  Just be careful about which projects you choose to back on Kickstarter.

Nevertheless, if the project fails you would only lose $99. Right?

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