School of hard coding

Goodbye Dreamhost. A Digital Ocean awaits us.

Since June 26th 2008 I have been a Dreamhost customer.  The first site I wanted to put up was one that represented my domain.  I actually got the idea from Matthew Jakubowski because I thought it was cool idea to have a site that shares my exploits, trials, and ideas to the world.  When I learned about Digital Ocean I had a chance to see what it was like having full access to a server. I have to say that I really enjoy it. I can see the benefits of having one-click installs and not having to worry about setting up host files or Apache and PHP configurations. However, I did go through the pains of having to deal with some of the cpu issues on Dreamhost. Although they were rare I can clearly tell a huge difference in performance from a single hosted box versus a cloud shared system.  And, since I’m mastering the full stack it’s more beneficial to me to utilize Digital Ocean as a tool sharpener to ensure my abilities don’t fall by the wayside.

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