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Rar/Zip file within JPEG image

I’m sure others may know this trick already:
This could be useful for sending encrypted information such as word documents, pdf files, programs, etc.
Take a normal JPEG file of your choice and a folder or file compressed in a zip or rar file.

Enter the command Prompt then type the following:

copy /b <image> + <compressed file> <outputfile>

Then you should receive a message that 1 file was copied.

If you can open the file as an image and open the archive(compressed) file in winrar, you have an embedded rar file.

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  1. How do I import gdax-Java into my android studio appI downloaded the git hub for gdax-java to my MacBook.

    I don’t see any .jar file or a .aar file to import into my android studio app

    There is no gradle dependency listed in the repository

    How do I use this api in my android studio app?

    I even tried ./gradlew jar and I get this error Could not target platform: ‘Java SE 11’ using tool chain: ‘JDK 8 (1.8)’.

    Why is this so difficult to implement?

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